One of the newest names in the hydroponics industry is Complete Hydroponics. They have quickly become one of the most used nutrient lines of the east coast in the US. Looking into some of their products, you realize there aren’t many to look through. Complete Hydroponics only has 12 products to shop for. Realizing this number is ridiculously low, when comparing Complete Hydroponics vs Advanced Nutrients (which has a whopping 43 different products to have to search through), the task of researching the line becomes less daunting. You also notice research sheets and MSDS sheets of all the products on their website (which no other nutrient company has).

Sold nationwide through a network of retail stores and used by dozens of commercial facilities, only NON-GMO, organic, and food-grade enzymes make it into Complezym; onlyPharmaceutical, naturally derived vitamins and amino acids make it inside B Plus; only DTPA chelators, organic humic and fulvic acids, and 99.9% pure yucca extract go into the formulation of Coco A & B.

Looking through some reviews on forums and growing guides, a lot of people report experiencing better results on their harvests with a yields increased between 20% and 40%. Complete Hydroponics also offers a “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed” money back deal.

When wanting to buy the products you can find them on pretty much any sale site; the Complete Hydroponics website, AmazoneBay, and through other store websites. They also have a YouTube page where they talk about their products and how to use them.

When comparing Complete Hydroponics vs Canna Nutrients you find yourself with some of the same comparison points. Canna Nutrients still has more products to choose from, which means more hassle and more money. The cost per gallon on Canna Nutrients products is $3.04. Canna has the same shipping criteria as Advanced Nutrients; $2500 minimum for free shipping. Canna also manufactures outside of the US; in Netherlands.



When comparing Complete Hydroponics vs Advanced Nutrients you’ll notice the average cost per gallon for Complete is $2.66 and for Advanced Nutrients it’s $4.94.  You’ll also notice that Complete Hydroponics offers free shipping on all orders made through their website while Advanced requires a $2500 minimum for free shipping, that’s probably because Advanced Nutrients is manufactured in Canada and Complete Hydroponics is made in the US.

Graph 3

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What nutrient line is better, then? The answer to that is subjective and all about opinion. But by looking at the table above we can gather a few pieces of information that may aide us in making a decision. You also have to consider that Complete Hydroponics follows the manufacturing practices and standards set forth and enforced by the Department of Agriculture, pays fair wages, and employs American Citizens. Complete Hydroponics also has less products than Canna Nutrients and Advanced Nutrients, making it simpler to use and lowering the cost-per-gallon. Canna and Advanced on the other hand has a very high “free shipping” minimums and are manufactured outside the USA. But most importantly, Complete Hydroponics is just better for plants. If you’re growing plants that are going to be put into your body you need to make sure you’re not growing them with toxic chemicalsComplete Hydroponics Nutrients are all natural and organic, they use the higher quality OMRI-certified, Food-Grade and NON-GMO cultures of microbacteria, enzymes and organic acids.