Looking into two of the biggest hydroponic nutrient companies on the market today, I decided to compare them and see which one is better. These findings are solely  based on the products they sell, not on their marketing.

In the world of nutrients, every element counts, but how many times do you have to count it? I noticed, when looking into all the products that Complete Hydroponics and Advanced Nutrients sell, that Advanced Nutrients has up to 6 different products that all do the same thing that just one product from Complete Hydroponics does. For example, lets say you want to make sure your plants have all the primary and secondary essential elements, with Complete all you need is your base nutrients (Tierra, Coco, or Agua A & B). On the other hand, if you’re using Advanced Nutrients you’d have to pick between 3 different base nutrient lines that all essentially do the same thing and then have to look through other additives including Big Bud, Nirvana, Revive, Sensi Cal-Mag, Bud Candy, or F-1, and take into account that all of those also have other additives in them that you might not want to increase in your grow.

I found this trend to be true on pretty much every product that Advanced Nutrients sells; one product of Complete Hydroponics accomplishes what several products of Advanced Nutrients advertise.


Let’s use another example, how about if you’re interested in increasing the amount of B-Vitamins in your plants? B-Vitamins are needed for healthy plant growth, healthy metabolism and DNA, they are essential for fundamental cellular processes, help your plants use and create carbohydrates, promotes the absorption of nutrients and new root developments, enhances disease resistance, contributes to your plants’ metabolism, is involved in enzymatic activity, carbohydrate energy production and amino acid synthesis…yea B-Vitamins are definitely important. If you’re using Complete Hydroponics you would just have to look into to how much B+ you’d want to use on your plants. But, if you’re growing with Advanced Nutrients, you would need to decide between Nirvana, B-52, or Bud Factor X; which are all advertised as B-Vitamin enhancers.


Ok, what if you want to add phosphorus and potassium to your plants?  Phosphorous (P) plays a key role in metabolism and energy transfer of plants, is strengthens cell formation in flowers, it affects the plant shape, size, color, taste and other measurements attributed to healthy produce. In Photosynthesis, potassium regulates the opening and closing of stomata, and therefore regulates CO2 uptake, it triggers activation of enzymes and is essential for production of ATP (which is an important energy source for many chemical processes taking place in plant issues). Potassium (K) plays a major role in the regulation of water in plants (both uptake of water through plant roots and its loss through the stomata). It is essential for transporting water and nutrition and is responsible for the plant’s quality and rigidity. In addition to this, it controls countless other processes such as sugar production, and potassium is also important in the biochemical reactions in plants. Basically, potassium is responsible for many other vital processes such as water and nutrient transportation, protein, and starch synthesis. Yea, they’re important too. With Complete, besides the phosphorus and potassium in your base nutrient, you can add some extra with PK 13/14. However with Advanced, after having to pick one of their 3 base nutrient lines, if you’d like to add some extra P and K you’d need to also wrangle through all the additives in Bud Blood, Bud Ignitor, Hammerhead, Nirvana, and Big Bud to decide which one you’d want to use as a PK additive.


The same statistics are true when you talk about pretty much every additive a plant needs to grow; primary elements, secondary elements, fulvic/humic acids, carbohydrates, essential oils, chelations, fungi, microbes, enzymes.

After researching through all the products, the data is clear, why complicate yourself with Advanced Nutrients when Complete Hydroponics is so much easier to use. You literally have everything you need to grow strong, healthy, huge plants in just 9 simple bottles (rather than 40 from AN).