Looking through the web for cool new ways to make gardening easier and fun, I found these gems! These gloves have built in claws for your convenience. I looked around and there are plenty of websites that sell them, two of which are Honey Badger and Amazon.
These claw gloves can make digging, planting, and raking much less of a hassle. They are also waterproof!
These gloves leverage hand strength, and reduces stress on the fingers and nails when used for digging. Best used for light gardening, it has an ergonomic & sleek design. You can easily hold & use other tools without the claws interfering with the grip & range of motion. Although I don’t think it will replace traditional gardening tools, it is a welcome addition to tool sheds around the world, particularly if it reduces waste in a consumer item that every gardener uses for safety. Arguably the best gardening gloves out there.