For some people, hydroponic weed is their main choice for growing. There are many reasons why cannabis grown hydroponically is the better than soil grown, but the reasons may not be what you think.

hydroponics-nutrientsAlthough highly regarded by weed connoisseurs who give most importance to flavor, bouquet, and potency, hydroponically grown weed is also the favored option for medical marijuana users and growers who give more importance to quality. Furthermore, growing weed hydroponically makes much more sense from an environmental standpoint, and provides a number of advantages to growers as well.

Higher Quality Without Ideal Conditions

One of the key characteristics of growing hydroponically is that it allows the production of high quality marijuana, even without ideal outdoor environmental conditions. By utilizing water, nutrients, and growing space more efficiently, growers are able to produce extremely high quality marijuana.

Larger/Healthier Yields

Compared to traditional soil-based cultivation, with hydroponics it is possible to produce higher yields from a particular plot size. In most hydroponic grow rooms, the density of the plants is only limited by the availability of light. A faster maturation period also results in a much higher yield overall. Maintaining ideal conditions, it may even be possible for growers to harvest as many as six times a year.


Safer For Medical Use

When growing hydroponically, there is also less risk of pest infestation and disease, which reduces the need for pesticides. In addition to reducing growing costs, this also results in a much safer product for medical marijuana patients. For AIDS and cancer patients in particular, the presence of chemical and organic contaminants in weed can result in severe and potentially serious side effects. For this reason, most patients opt for cannabis grown hydroponically.

More Growing Control

With indoor hydroponic systems, growers have much more control over the growing environment than they would outdoors. This lets them to more closely monitor factors that can influence quality and potency of the plant, as well as its yield and growing period. Resulting in better overall quality of weed.


Hydroponics is also suited for environments with limited space or where the environmental conditions make it difficult or impossible to grow acceptable quality cannabis. Hydroponic systems can be designed to fit into a bedroom or even a closet, letting growers turn any spaces into a grow space.


Multipal Setup Option

Perhaps one of the best things about hydroponics is how many setup options there are. You can build a fully functional and efficient hydroponic system with a few dollars worth of plumbing and home supplies along with a few specialized parts. They fairly easily assembled as well, with blueprints available all over the Internet. Growers can also decide to pay a substantial amount for a fully equipped hydroponic setup with the latest technology.

There are different opinions about growing hydroponically vs. growing in soil. There are benefits to both, to make a personal deduction make sure to do your research on both methods.