Most of us are too busy to keep anything alive other than ourselves, but we still enjoy having some life in our homes. We get dogs or cats to brighten the energy in our space, but sometimes even pets are too much to take care for so you settle for plants, at least the loss of a plant isn’t as dreadful. But for those really busy bodies, even plants don’t make it much longer than two weeks before they get tossed into the disappointment pile. If this story sounds familiar then hydroponics might be your salvation!

With automatic plant watering and minimal maintenance, hydroponics fits into anyone’s lifestyle. When most people think about hydroponics, it’s usually never good, either too big or too expensive or even too much maintenance, but none of those are true if you’re just looking for a small bit of life in your home. kids.jpg

Hydroponic systems come in all shapes and sizes. From large outdoor setups to a small deep water culture cup with a small plant. Hydroponics can be used for fun or for educational purposes to people of all ages. To some, it even becomes a hobby, and when that happens a small system can quickly turn large, but it does come with a larger price and a bit more maintenance.

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If you don’t just want a plant in a cup of water but are not willing to put in the work for a big scale setup there is also a form of hydroponics called aquaponics lets you have a self-cleaning system that takes away the hassle of having to feed your plants nutrients while giving you another friend…a fish. Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 4.37.17 PM.png

So hydroponics is one of the most diverse ways of growing your favorite fruits, vegetables, or flowers. There are hundreds of small automatic growing systems that come with everything you need, from the container to the lighting to the seeds. These are, in my opinion, the best option and the easiest to maintain. With those, all you do in plug it in and place the seed pouches in their sockets and watch it grow.

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In any case, hydroponics is really something to look into if you are interested in growing any kind of plant, indoors or outdoors. There is room for it in everyone’s life or lifestyle.