The most common reasons that make a grower change his mind and jump into a different hydroponic nutrient are the following: plant’s damage, poor results, high price, poor quality, boredom, or simply curiosity.

Hydroponic Nutrients can lose their overall quality. There are many reasons why this could happen. For example: raw materials, quality control, expiration ratios, storage management, Etc. However, the most reasonable one is “cost reduction.”  In this business, big brands, in order to increase their profits margins, end up reducing its costs of production by changing its raw materials for a lower-quality source that can be more affordable and easy to handle; after all, nobody is going to realize anything until it’s too late.

When changing your Hydroponic Nutrients, please keep in mind these 3 things: Reliability, Quality, and Consistency.

Reliability: It means that under measurable conditions (I say measurable because we have to test results many times to make a conclusion) the result is always the same.

For example: In hydroponics, it’s vital for a product to deliver the results that it promises. Reliability allows every grower a maximum control over the outcome of his harvest.

Quality: Is represented by a measure of excellence or a state of being free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations. It is brought about by strict and consistent commitment to certain standards that achieve uniformity of a product in order to satisfy specific customer or user requirements.

Example: The product must be the same in terms of density, color, texture, aroma, and any other factor that can be considered relevant by growers.

Consistency: The quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time.

For instance: If a product promises something, let’s say better roots or bigger flowers make sure those results are true and consistent with your final outcome (Keeping the conditions constant).


Do Not Hesitate! Keep reading before you change your mind”

What does a grower want?

Professional growers want a nontoxic, harmless, natural, and effective nutrient that can bring the best out of their plants from veg to flower. They are looking for a better size, bigger and powerful buds, tastier fruits, and healthier and more productive crops. This is not rocket science, but to make a high quality nutrient, you have to spend money, time, and resources to get what is best to manufacture them.

Price vs Quality

One of the reasons why products are more expensive than others is precisely because of the value of their materials and processes used to produce them. Companies that make fertilizers need different kind of resources such as, minerals, organic extracts, equipment, and many other elements and technologies necessary to make them. As I mentioned above, as the quality of the resources increase, the price also increases. Try to find products that can give you premium quality for a reasonable price. 🙂

Try for yourself

Yes, the only way to know if something works or doesn’t is by trying for yourself. In hydroponics, your judgment is more important than any opinion or marketing strategy designed by any hydroponic brand in the industry. It is you, the only reasonable measurement that can provide with the most honest and accurate value.

Look for responsibility and customer care

For growers, hydroponics is a serious business. In this discipline, money is a major factor, as well as time, care, reputation, optimization, and effort. If you are looking to change your nutrients, make sure that the new brand is backed up by policies that can provide support, guidance, and strong guarantees such as 100% money back. Responsible companies always trust in their products. They know perfectly well that if something happens, they must be accountable for it.

Don’t get confused – Choose Complete Hydroponic Nutrients 

Complete Hydroponics is an AMERICAN COMPANY. It was founded by growers for growers (I guess that everybody who sales hydroponic nutrients says the same thing, but for them, it’s true!). The founders of this company are not different from you, they are people who have struggled for the same reasons you might be struggling too. This is why they have decided  to make something trustworthy that could be able to fix those “never-ending” problems that you and I have most of the time.

Complete Hydroponics is a great product. They had invested a lot of time, research, and tons of money to make an efficient, non-GMO, natural and powerful hydroponic nutrient. the result? One of the best hydroponic nutrients’ brands in the East Coast of USA. They wok incredibly well. 

Compete Hydroponics is made for all kind of hydroponic systems:

Complete Gardening has been designed for organic gardening:

Lights and Equipment (the power to grow), has been developed by Green Gear Innovations to deliver excellent results:


I have talked to many growers (Hydroponics and Organics) and they agree with me in one thing, the efficiency of Complete Hydroponic’s product line. I have been using these products for more than 5 years and I have never complained ( Well, a couple of times ), and if something happens, they will always take care of you. These actions, show an amazing sense of responsibility and customer service, and that’s important, at least for me.
Reviews, True or False?

Reviews can be very tricky these days. 66% of people trust online product reviews, according to a 2015 study by Nielsen. They surveyed 30,000 people and found the majority rely on personal recommendations when shopping.  A great numbers of companies, especially those who have the power, have become real specialists in leveraging this kind of situations. Those who have bought something on for example, know for a fact that before buying a product, customers take a closer look into the opinions of other buyers. These references help them to build enough confidence to make a final purchase.

So, are these reviews 100% true? Well, some of them are legit, but a great number of them just don’t.  Nowadays, companies have been exchanging their products, swags, and much more for customers’ reviews, of course, this is a nice marketing strategy due to the fact that reviews, indeed, influence online sales. In addition, this kind of practices also misleads uneducated customers to buy something they might not want at all. Just because you receive something for free, doesn’t mean that the product you are getting in exchange for your time to write something nice is good, but anyways, it sounds like a nice deal.

I am a fan of Complete Hydroponics Nutrients and that’s pretty obvious. These people have helped a lot, and this is my way to say thanks. So, if you can have the same benefits that I’ve had, why not sharing? Complete also has a nice subscription plan, and if you join them, they will send you promotions, discounts, and useful information. You don’t have to subscribe of course, but if you do, it won’t cost you anything and everybody wins. Tell your friends, make your own research, find people who have used these products, ask questions and grow bigger, better, and healthier Buds. You will thank me later.

Have a great day!